Saturday, 31 December 2011

Best new dad of 2011: Bronson Gate

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Classic Daddy: Charlie O'Connor

Hot dad: Colin O'Neal

Colin... Is it just his big knob or stunning face with blue eyes or maybe strong legs he excercise while fucking his boys... Don't know really. I just adore him. Manly, beefy, hairy fucker I really would like to taste!

British Prime Beef: Bruno Knight

At the age of 28 he looks just stunning. Definiton of manhood from Sommerset. The best, meaty chest with gergeous fur and big nipples on Earth. His legs are perfect, big strong thighs match perfectly with his 8 inch cock. Just love his puppy eyes and stubble which gives him a lot of charm. Hot! 10xWoof!

Bruno blog with more pictures: Bruno Knight official blog